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What is Terraweb?

Terraweb is a web platform where you can have a visual perspective of the project’s data. It includes a real-time alerting system, charts, reports and everything else a project needs.

What is a Terraweb Control Box (TCB)?

Your 24/7 virtual surveyor! The Terraweb Control Box (a.k.a. TCB), is a computer that will control the robotic total station over measuring specific targets, on specific time, solving the measurements and sending them to the project’s database.

Which type of sensors can the system support?

Our system is compatible  with numerous total stations and geotechnical sensors such as piezometers, vibrating wire piezometers, crackmeters, load cells, pressure cells, extensometers, tilt sensors, strain gauges, inclinometers, sliding micrometers, magnetic extensometers, vibration sensors, noise sensors, seismic sensors, TBMs and many more . If the sensor you are interested in is not in this list, contact us and we will add it.

Where can I request a demo of Terraweb?

Send us an email and we will provide you access on Terraweb to discover its features.

Can I have a custom solution for my project?

All projects are different and require different solutions. Feel free to contact us about the needs of your project and we will be happy to implement them!

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