Harry W. Nice Memorial Bridge

  • Date: 1 May 2020
  • Client: Foundation Test Group
  • Project Type: Bridge Monitoring
  • Status: Ongoing


The Harry W.Nice Memorial Bridge runs between Newburgh in Charles County, Maryland and Dahlgren in King George Virginia, USA. It is a 2.7 km two-lane continuous truss bridge, which was inaugurated by Franklin D.Roosevelt in 1938. It was originally named as the Potomac River Bridge but was renamed Harry W.Nice in 1967, after the governor of Maryland.

This project contains over 140 sensors including structural monitoring prisms measured by robotic total station, tiltmeters, strain gauges, seismographs, vibrating wire piezometers, crackmeters and inclinometers.

3 TCBs provide 24/7 automated surveying prism measurements at the whole length of the bridge with over 90 surveying prisms.

Terraweb provides data storage, visualization, management, reporting and real time alerting.

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